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The original patented reverse airflow smoker. Hand made since 1987.

Smokin’ the Competition

The most innovative smokers in the industry for over 30 years
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What They Say

Best BBQ smoker made. I have had my Backwoods Party now for 12 years and it is just as good as the day I bought it. Built to high quality standards that will last a lifetime and makes perfect BBQ all the time. Worth every bit the cost! 

— John Lewis

Best smoker I’ve ever used. I’ve had cheap smokers. I’ve had big green egg and even a yoder. Hands down. Backwood has the best BBQ coming off there smoker. 

— Toby Galloway

Best smokers period. I’ve used the Fatboy in competition and to feed the masses with our bbq truck. Never use another, top notch staff and customer service.

— TJ Cavaliero

Awards and Recognition

Southern Food and Beverage Museum
Southern Food & Beverage Museum Inductee

Competition quality

For your own backyard
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