The Competitor, the perfect cooker model for smoking the competition!

The Backwoods Competitor

Backwoods Competitor

Built for cooking contests, the Backwoods Competitor melds the need for larger capacities while needing portability for those looking to do catering or compete in the KCBS circuit, or a MIM contest.

The Backwoods Competitor has 8 racks measuring 19 1/2" square, spaced 3 inches apart. The Competitor can handle 16 Boston Butt's, or 8 full briskets. It can hold 21 slabs of St Louis Style ribs with all the racks inside of it.

The standard Backwoods Competitor comes with stainless doors and latches, the new low profile smoke stack, non removable water pan and splatter guard.

The Competitor weighs 350 LBS.

Pictured to the left is an upgraded Competitor with convection and auto water, both of which are available options to add on to a standard Competitor.


The base price of the standard Competitor is $3390





Competitor dimensions at a glance:

Competitor Model

Outside dimensions: 24" deep x 55" tall w/stack x 32" wide


w/ drain.

Inside dimensions: 20" deep
29" tall cooking chamber
20" wide

Racks: 8 - 3" apart
19 ½" deep
19 ½" wide

Standard features: SS doors, permanent water pan,
2" insulation, commercial fire grate

Options: Heat diverter, Casters, Stand, Cover, Guru,
Auto water, Auto gas, Convection

Cooking degrees: (approx) 200 to



Amount of charcoal: (approx) 8 to 9 lb


Cooking time: (approx) 6 to 10 hours

Meat: (approx) 6 - 12lb turkeys
32 slabs baby back ribs
24 slabs st. louis style ribs
8 whole briskets
16 to 20 boston butts


Options that can be added onto your Competitor unit and their prices:

1. The BBQ Guru with Pit Viper Fan - $302

2. The BBQ Guru Adapter door - $61

3. Convection - $1235

4. Auto Water - $775

5. Auto Gas - $2403

6. Replacement Water Pan - $125

7. Heat Diverter - $60

8. Cover - $120

9. Stand - $165

10. Tie Down Handles - $85

11. Casters - $213

12. Replacement Racks - $50 UP TO 7 EXTRA RACKS CAN BE ADDED TO THIS UNIT.

13. Replacement Fire Pan - $185

14. Sliders - $35


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Celebrating another year in business by giving away an upgraded Party!

Continuing a tradition of appreciating our long time customers, Mike at Backwoods Smoker would like to continue saying thank you this year by giving away an upgraded Party model cooker again!

If you are a Backwoods Cooker owner that is competing using your cooker, then you can enter this giveaway!

Please click below to read the rules for entry!

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The Forum is open now for entries. Please familiarize yourself with the entry rules and good luck to you!  The winner will be drawn at a date to be announced.

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